Metal Roofing

Metal roofing will be more attractive, adaptable, and low-maintenance. Advanced Level Homes' installation experts provide safe, experienced installation services to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your new metal roof.
• Durability
Metal roofs are wind resistant and highly impact resistant. In our tough conditions, they will not break or rust. You won't have to worry about maintaining other roofing materials.
• Safety
During a wildfire or a lightning strike, metal roofing will not ignite or spark. This is one of the reasons why installing a metal roof can lower your homeowners insurance premiums.
• Energy Conservation
Metal roofing reflects more sunlight than other types of roofing. A metal roof lowers peak heating and cooling costs.
Metal roofing materials are manufactured using 25 to 95% of recycled content. And, after 50 or more years of service, your metal roof is 100% recyclable. Homeowners who care about the environment choose a metal roof as the environmentally-conscious choice.